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Next-Generation SOFC : Printed Fuel Cell(TM)

SOFC background

Among the several types of fuel cell available, SOFCs are expected to become especially widely used because of their higher power generation efficiency and ability to operate with a diverse variety of gases, including renewable biogas. However, reducing the cost of fuel cells, especially SOFC stacks, is a major issue for broad application. FCO Power’s Printed Fuel Cell™ now solves the cost issue.

Printed Fuel Cell™ features


The Printed Fuel Cell™(right)is a SOFC stack in which all single cell layers, including separators (anode, electrolyte, cathode, and ceramic separator) are laminated repeatedly before sintering and subsequently simultaneously sintered only once as a stack.

The Printed Fuel Cell™ does not require a cell support because it does not need to maintain mechanical strength as single cell unit. As a result, the total thickness of a single cell and separator is just 0.3 mm. Because it is so thin, the Printed Fuel Cell™ achieves the highest level of volumetric power density in the world.

Additionally, the Printed Fuel Cell™ has a simple, thin laminated structure that requires a limited amount of material and parts, making it suitable for low-cost, automated mass production.

Leveraging this high volumetric power density and low cost, FCO Power aims to commercialize the Printed Fuel Cell™ with a focus on application in limited spaces, such as in apartments for home use, and for distributed power use in offices and factories, which require significant cost efficiency.


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